Author Profit Study: 3/26/16 - 4/22/16

We started HowTune to create the best place to write how-to articles. Every day someone writes an awesome article, uploads a bunch of great photos, and pours their own time into helping others in their own community. It's just an awesome part of how passionate car groups work.

HowTune is unique, not only because we built customized writing tools, but because we offer something NO ONE ELSE does: We split profits with you by splitting ad impressions and affiliate links.

Last month we decided to measure how several of our authors are doing. We hope this helps our authors grow and gives you an idea of what's possible. So, let's jump right in, here's some numbers from 3 different authors:

These 3 authors alone reach about 8,000 unique readers and each pulled in $30+! Think about that for a minute - casually writing up weekend projects buys you a free tank of gas every month.

More work pays off even bigger: these numbers can sky rocket by writing more articles and getting good quality, organic links back from the community. Let's take a look at a those same 3 writers against one of our power users - me:

$317.20. In one month. Holy crap, right? Being a founder of HowTune, of course I write a lot of articles, but these numbers are totally attainable by anyone. The more articles you write, the more likely you are to find a very popular topic. For whatever reason, the Mazda 3 I used to own just blew through headlight bulbs, so I wrote this little article, and it took off. It's been the most popular article on the site for over a year!

Man did those little retaining clips make that a royal pain. As it turns out, everyone else had the same pain, and helping people solve it really paid off. When you're writing new articles, remember, those high pain points can be particularly good topics to cover.

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